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The first thing you need to do is get the truck up on some jackstands. We will be doing this the safe way so that I won't be getting sued for any of you guys having an X fall on them

Once on the stands you will find a crossmember located just below the front doors. This is where you will spend the remainder of your time while under the X. Locate the T_bar cover shown below, and remove it.

torsion bar adjuster cover
With the cover removed you will be able to see the full workings of the T-bar, and the adjuster. At this point you need to remove the adjuster bolt (if you haven't already). As you can see, mine was already removed.
t-bar still set
Here is the tool that you will need to do this safely. I borrowed mine from the Zone (Auto Zone) for a refundable deposit. Just ask for a 2-3 arm puller (it's a gear puller that can be adapted for 2 or 3 pulling "arms")
2-3 arm puller
Here is how it looks (and should be set up) in use. You will basically just "turn the crank" until the T-bar adjuster is far enough off the adjuster plate so that it can slide out the side.
tool in use
Here is the adjuster plate out to give you an idea of what it looks like. You can also see where I notched my crossmember to allow for a little more drop before. (crappy pic, the plate is to the can see the T- bar adjuster "floating" in the hole)
adjuster plate out
T-bar hanging, the adjuster is what we are dealing with here. the next step is to slide it off and flip it.
torsion bar hanging
Here it is flipped.
adjuster after flipping
Now all you need to do is put it back together. The hardest part here is getting the T-bar to stay in place while you put tension back on it. I have found that a ratcheting tiedown strap works very well for this. Put the strap around the T-bar and the frame. Bassically just put enough tension on the strap to keep the T-bar from moving. The last step to get a 3" drop (assuming that you have already put 3" lowering blocks in the rear) is to put the adjuster bolts back in and tighten them up until everything is level. (sorry I don't have pics for these last few things, but they are easy to figure out anyway. Here is what the front looked like before I put the bolts back in (just wanted to see where it would sit):
fully dropped
Here is how my X sat after this was completed, and the bolts were put back in (for some reason that slope has it sitting funny and it looks like the front is alot lower than the's not, it sits level. You can find current pics, in my photo gallery.
side view
Well I guess that is about it. Some day I may decide to go lower, but for now I'm focused on getting some swaybars, and struts (and another "small" project for my X that will be revealed when the time is right). I hope this has been helpful for you guys (and girls). If you have any questions, please check out my f.a.q. database.

Photos and Tech Articles Copyright 2002, Greg "Tha Godfather" Young

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